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Whit the equipment we have available, the experience acquired in the industry and the system of working permits us to realize the mould in all its phases of production: from the designing to the execution of the model, from the calculation of the volume to the construction of the mould and verification of its components.
Artigiana Stampi has occupied a primary role in the production of blow moulds mainly due to the constant technological improvements which has helped to produce more reliable and competitive articles.The building materials used are aluminum, steel and copper beryllium. The use of the material is evaluated on a case by case basis depending on the required pro­duction and type of utilization requested.
Particular attention is given to the execution of the cooling channels: synonymous to high productivity. The thermal treatment of the parts subyect to wear, precision grinding of the flat surfaces and particularly careful sharpening of the cutting edges ensure the reliability and long life of our moulds.
Willingness and continuous prompt servicing are further guarantees for our customers.Our production consist of moulds for the production of PE, PVC, PET containers up to 30 lt. capacity with the possibility of having multiples cavities.